Imagen Objetivos Red Era

The main objectives of the Redera + project are:        

  • To characterise the problems and challenges faced by the vocational education and training (VET) system in order to provide quality services and contribute to territorial development in rural areas.
  • To incorporate a gender perspective in the territorial analysis and in the proposal of measures, so that they contribute to eliminate the double inequality that women suffer in rural areas.
  • To Identify the most appropriate intervention models to implement in these areas and which actors should intervene.
  • To design a map of professional competences, focused on the demand of the territory in order to achieve sustainability.
  • To reflect jointly between local administrations, training entities, civil society actors, on how to organise a training offer that guarantees access to the professional competences necessary to intervene in depopulated rural areas and what measures should be developed.
  • To identify methodologies for the diagnosis of professional competences and the professional competences necessary for the economic dynamisation of rural areas.
  • To establish recommendations on how to promote equal access to training for residents of depopulated rural areas.